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2018 Trapper Gathering

2018 Trapper Gathering 1The 2018 Trapper Gathering is a yearly event hosted by the Carcross Tagish Renewable Resources Council. The aim of the event is to connect local trappers with the Carcross Tagish RRC, and to discuss how the Council can more effectively work with trappers to encourage trapping and the viability of the fur industry and to hear the trappers concerns. Many great opinions and ideas were brought forth during the event and the RRC has made note of them.

A few ideas that were discussed are listed below:

· Creating more opportunities for trapping in the Yukon

· Connecting concession holders with potential assistant trappers

· Creating a positive image for trappers in the community

· Holding more workshops for concession holders

· Helping trappers with finding bait

· Promoting programs to enhance understanding of wolf management

The RRC would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who came to the event and we hope to see you all again next year!