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The Carcross Tagish Renewable Resource Council (CTRRC) strives to be the voice for residents within the Carcross Tagish First Nation (CTFN) Traditional Territory (TT) regarding management of our renewable resources including: fish & wildlife, including their habitat, and forestry.

The mandate of the Carcross Tagish Renewable Resource Council as outlined in 16.6.9 and 17.4.1 of the CTFN Final Agreement is:

  • To make informed and responsible management recommendations regarding fish, wildlife and their habitat, and forest resources, and to administer Trapline Allocation and make bylaws as appropriate.
  • The CTRRC is the voice of the citizens in managing local renewable resources.
  • The Council provides strong input into planning and regulation processes by raising public awareness of specific issues and by providing local and traditional information. 
  • The Council plays an important advisory role to territorial, federal and First Nations governments and the Yukon Fish & Wildlife Management Board.
  • The CTRRC’s geographical area of responsibility encompasses the region commonly referred to as the Southern Lakes.

Four very distinct communities lie within the boundaries of the CTFN Traditional Territory:

 • Carcross       • Marsh Lake
 • Tagish          • Mount Lorne