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Other Publications


The Council routinely reviews and provides feedback and comments to the Yukon Environmental & Social Economic Assessment Board (YESAB) and Yukon Land Proposed Projects with potential impacts to fish, wildlife and habitat within the Traditional Territory.

Work Plans

pdf CTFN WorkPlan 2020-2025 (3.35 MB)

Ethical Fishing Brochure

  pdf CTFN Traditional Territory Fishing Ethics Pamphlet (823 KB)

On the Land Gatherings

2023 OLG Proceedings

2022 OLG Proceedings

2019 OLG Proceedings

Local Knowledge Survey

pdf CTRRC 2022 Local Knowledge Survey Final Report (4.63 MB)

Public Surveys

pdf CTRRC Winter Angler Survey 2023 (1.05 MB)

pdf Angler Education Public Survey Spring 2022 (2.74 MB)

pdf Habitat Protection Area Public Survey Results 2022 (3.27 MB)

Nares and Tagish Cisco 

Nares and Tagish Cisco Study 2019 - Elders Observations and Western Science

Tagish River and Nares River Least Cisco Report Year 3

Tagish River and Nares River Least Cisco Report Year 2

Tagish River and Nares River Least Cisco Report Year 1

Little Atlin Lake Pike Habitat Study

pdf EDI Little Atlin Lake Pike Habitat Mapping and Water Temperature Report (19.44 MB)


pdf Yukon Lands Act - Discussion Paper (917 KB)


2015-0041 CTRRC Comment Letter

2016-0018 CTRRC Comment Letter - Quartz Exploration

CTRRC Recommendation Letters

ORV Comment Letter

Kusawa Park Letter

Roadside Bear Hunting Reg Change


pdf CTRRC Pamphlet (2.12 MB)

pdf Nature Brochure (5.65 MB)  

 Comment Letters

pdf Wild Boar Letter (253 KB)  

 Regulation Change Submissions

pdf Proposal to Prohibit Roadside Grizzly Hunting Regulation Change (1.47 MB)