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Tagish Narrows Sign

Picture of sign at Tagish Bridge

Tagish Narrows - HPA - Critical Water Bird Resting Area

In the heart of the CTFN traditional territory, the Tagish Narrows is one of the first Yukon waterways to break up each spring. Thousands of migrating Tundra and Trumpeter swans take advantage of the open water to rest and recover during their annual journey from wintering grounds in the Southern United States and Mexico to northern nesting areas.

During April, please avoid disturbing waterbirds, they waste precious energy in flight.  The CTRRC would like to encourage the public to enjoy this amazing spectacle but do it from a distance.

Council contacted Environment Yukon requesting signage to be placed at critical river access locations. They responded quickly and two signs had been produced and installed; one at the Tagish Bridge boat launch, and one on the east “Six Mile” River.