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CTRRC Activities

2018 Trapper Gathering

2018 Trapper Gathering 1The 2018 Trapper Gathering is a yearly event hosted by the Carcross Tagish Renewable Resources Council. The aim of the event is to connect local trappers with the Carcross Tagish RRC, and to discuss how the Council can more effectively work with trappers to encourage trapping and the viability of the fur industry and to hear the trappers concerns. Many great opinions and ideas were brought forth during the event and the RRC has made note of them.

A few ideas that were discussed are listed below:

· Creating more opportunities for trapping in the Yukon

· Connecting concession holders with potential assistant trappers

· Creating a positive image for trappers in the community

· Holding more workshops for concession holders

· Helping trappers with finding bait

· Promoting programs to enhance understanding of wolf management

The RRC would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who came to the event and we hope to see you all again next year!

Southern Lakes Caribou

YG Caribou Capture
Want to learn more about the southern lakes caribou herd? The Yukon Government has collared 89 caribou between 2018 and 2021, and completed aerial surveys to track caribou habits and population trends. To find out all about the collaring program and the results, including maps of the collared caribou movement, visit the new, expertly prepared, storyboard at this link: Southern Lakes Caribou

On the Land Gathering - 2019

OLG Cover

Over two days, June 7th and 8th, the Carcross/Tagish Renewable Resources Council (C/TRRC) hosted over 55 participants “on the land” in Tagish to discuss Southern Lakes Caribou and the potential for a Carcross/Tagish traditional territory Community-Based Fish and Wildlife Workplan (FWWP).

Community Based Fish and Wildlife Work Plan

1 FWWP Exerpt

Over the course of four evenings in February and March of 2019, the Carcross/Tagish Renewable Resources Council (C/TRRC) conducted broad- based community engagement in Mount Lorne, Carcross, Marsh Lake and Tagish with a focus on fish, wildlife and habitat.


Caribou on the Move



The CTRRC continues to work closely with the Dept. Of Environment and Highways and Public Works to raise awareness of the Carcross Caribou Herd traversing the Alaska Highway by advertising, publishing posters, and placing flashing signs at strategic points at the north and south ends of the Corridor on the Alaska Highway. Thanks to Dept. of Environment for partnering and Dept. of Highways and Public Works for collaborating.

Tagish River Habitat Protection Area


The CTRRC is currently working with the HPA Steering Committee by attending and participating at all Steering Committee meetings as a participant/observer. Discussion includes what the RRC's role can be in the implementation of the HPA Management Plan.

For more information click here: Tagish River HPA Website 

Habitat protection area pursuant to the Wildlife Act, R.S.Y. 2002, c. 229, to be known as the Tagish River Habitat Protection Area.” 

On the Land Gathering -2016

2016 gathering

The Carcross Tagish Renewable Resources Council (CTRRC) hosted the fourth “On the Land Gathering” on the evening of June 10th and for the full day on June 11th at Skookies Camp in Carcross, Yukon.

The overall purpose of the meeting was to plan the process around the development of a Southern Lakes Caribou Management Plan.

There were approximately thirty-five (35) participants from five First Nation Governments , two provincial and territorial Governments, Government of Canada, three Renewable Resources Councils, supporting agencies and the public. 

Tagish Narrows Sign

Picture of sign at Tagish Bridge

Tagish Narrows - HPA - Critical Water Bird Resting Area

In the heart of the CTFN traditional territory, the Tagish Narrows is one of the first Yukon waterways to break up each spring. Thousands of migrating Tundra and Trumpeter swans take advantage of the open water to rest and recover during their annual journey from wintering grounds in the Southern United States and Mexico to northern nesting areas.

During April, please avoid disturbing waterbirds, they waste precious energy in flight.  The CTRRC would like to encourage the public to enjoy this amazing spectacle but do it from a distance.

Council contacted Environment Yukon requesting signage to be placed at critical river access locations. They responded quickly and two signs had been produced and installed; one at the Tagish Bridge boat launch, and one on the east “Six Mile” River.

Roadside Hunting Regulation Public Meeting


Roadside Hunting MeetingRoadside Hunting Public Meeting in Tagish

The Carcross Tagish Renewable Resources Council (CTRRC) hosted a public meeting in Tagish on November 24, 2014, which was well attended, and the presentation by the Yukon Fish Wildlife Management Board (YFWMB) and Environment staff generated a lot of questions and comments from the audience. The audience represented a broad spectrum of views and interests on this matter, which included representatives from the Teslin RRC, First Nation citizens and elders as well as both harvesters and non- consumptive interests from the Southern Lakes region. As well, residents of all four communities in the CTFN traditional territory – Marsh Lake, Tagish, Carcross and Mt Lorne – were represented at the meeting.

Tagish River Cisco Assessment

Tagish Cisco Project


Tagish River Cisco Project

Field work on Friday, June 17, 2016–caught 37 cisco as well as Round and Lake whitefish juveniles and 3 large (8-10 lb) Lake trout in the last set near the main channel which we measured and released. Adam was great with his knowledge of Cisco and experience picking fish out of nets as well as students Daisy and Roberta who helped with handling fish and sampling fish.

Trapper Training Workshop - 2015

Trapper Training Workshop

Trapper Training Workshop 2015

Environment Yukon's Basic Trapper Training Workshop hosted a 4 1/2 day workshop to meet the training requirements for obtaining a Yukon Trapping Licence or Assistant Trapper Licence.

CTRRC sponsored 2 students to attend this workshop in Carcross (November 19-23, 2015)

Ken Reeder - CTRRC, Co-chair/trapper assisted for 2 days in fur handling and demonstrating some trap or snare setting in the bush.

Annual General Workshop (AGW) 2015

2015 RRC Anual General Workshop.

All the RRCs in the Yukon gather annually for networking, info sharing, and stragegizing. Resolutions and recommendations are created during this 2-3 day event which are then forwrded to the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board and or Yukon Governement. 


2015 AGW

CTRRC hosted the “AGW” Annual General Workshop in Whitehorse jointly with all RRCs: April 30, May 1st & 2nd, 2015.

Don't Waste, Preserve!

In 2012, the CTRRC launched a public awareness campaign,

Don’t Lose It, Use It! offering salvage options for freezer burned meat and fish.